Wake me up when September ends.

Finally got the chance to write to share you my predicament on what to cook for tonight. I failed to do the groceries last weekend so I am running out of options on what to prepare for dinner. Funny how I am here, talking about what to cook when looking back I had a pretty interesting life with the corporate  world but I didn’t feel the need to write about them. But yeah, truly the overthinking is driving me insane.

My day started quite ‘funny’, I had in mind to cook for my special sisig but when I was about to get the onions, I haven’t realized that they all left the fridge already. You see, in the morning, I wake up as early as 4:30 AM to cook two sets of the meal; breakfast and lunch for my husband- I have very little time in my hands.  So, I  quickly browsed the internet for a recipe for an 800 grams pork belly without the need to use onions. Without any complaints, my husband went to work with his lunch ‘Adobong Puti’ not failing to mention that he had yesterday ‘Adobo’ also. This is truly embarrassing.

I didn’t feel quite good about my day so far. I checked the kitchen sink and  have tons dishes to wash. I looked at the laundry basket and I can sense they desperately need to go inside the washing machine. I looked everywhere and everything needs my dire attention. I am already overwhelmed, I only was able to get a 3-hour sleep, so I headed back to the bed instead. Just decided to sleep this guilt away.

I woke up 3 hours after but I didn’t feel any better. My kiddos were already up, thank God I have already prepared the meal for them. I decided that we skip Science today because I just don’t feel like being educational today. 🙂

I am halfway done with my chores and I am starting to feel satisfied with my day.

So, what’s for dinner? Ugggh…. Better work my magic then. Laters…





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