Homeschooling in the Philippines

Last year, since my husband works in UAE,  the whole family decided to be with him for good. It meant giving up my lucrative job and embracing change once again. Last 2012, our whole family already stayed in UAE but with my pregnancy for our 3rd child, we came back to the Philippines. Before I pulled out my kids from school, they were enrolled in a Montessori school. I am a great believer in the Montessori methods and I am quite satisfied with how they matured and discovered their independence during those 3 years they spent in the school.

But since I will be a full-time mom, I thought that I could homeschool my kids since I have been meaning to educate them my own way. I am a Psychology graduate and have invested a decade of my profession in the corporate world. I have always loved child psychology during my undergrad days. I even thought of becoming a guidance counselor after graduation. But life took a different turn after I graduated because there were more offers in the HR world. I was also kinda overwhelmed with the bureaucracy in becoming a guidance counselor.

So, I took a leap of faith – of following what I should have been meaning to do. When I told my friends and even some of my family members of what I intended to roll-out – I  received very different feedbacks. Most of which are not supportive of the idea of giving up my career and homeschooling my kids. But I am equally crazy and stubborn as hell – I react differently when people discouraged me from doing something.

I prepared for months in homeschooling my kids. I e-mailed homeschool providers for queries and quotations, I  read books about education, researched, studied and burned my midnight oils.  When I say I took a leap of faith, it meant that I was courageous enough to adapt independent homeschooling. By that, it meant, I did not enroll my kids to a homeschool provider. Of course, by now you have lots of questions. I was just like you, full of questions. Should I or should I not homeschool? Don’t you worry, I will take you for a ride towards what have been the most satisfying decision that I have made in my life.

See you in my next post.


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