Toddler Wonderland

Play is my toddler’s full-time job. Among all types of play, her most favorite is Pretend Play. As much as possible, I would like to document all the personas my 3-year old daughter wanted me to characterize. I am always her accomplice in her trips to Wonderland.

One day, she got so fond of Mario that she wanted me to be Princess Peach. She would cutely say it like this, “I yam Mario, you Mom is, Princess Peach!”. So I asked her if her brothers were any part of these escapade which she would fondly reply, “Kuya Tatan is Bowser. Kuya Kiki is Luigi and Papa is Dragon.”


Other than Mario, sometimes she would want me to be Maui and she would let me shout at the top of my lungs, “It’s MAUI time!”. Then she would belt-out, ” I am MOANA!”. This normally happens at least 4 to 5 times a day.


If you are familiar with ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’, then we are on the same page on this. She likes to be ‘Foxy’ and me, her ‘Mangle’. There is a song that she likes to incessantly play on her tablet and for most of the time we need to act it out. OK, I am not really talking about a 3-minute song, it is like a darn play.


If you are familiar of the movie ‘Coraline’ then take a wild guess who she decided me to be. Hhhmmmm… I think you guessed it right. She always wanted me to be the ‘Other Mother’. She always want to go to sleep as ‘Coraline’ uttering these specific lines every night:

Majika(as Coraline) : Goodnight, Other Mother!

Me: Good night, Coraline! Seeee you soooon!


Her pretend play is firing up in all cylinders but I am not complaining. This is a significant milestone for her and we as a family is very supportmaxresdefaultive. I will never get tired of being ‘Maria’ from the ‘Book of Life’ and she as the galant young ‘Manolo’. Nor  would I ever get tired of being the ‘ Little Red Hair Girl’ in ‘Peanuts’ with my little munchkin acting out as the awkward ‘Charlie Brown’.


As many as she wants me to characterize, she will always play the best lead in the acting role — and me will forever be with all-out support, her Best Supporting Actor/Actress.

May you read this when you grow up munchkin. We love you.



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