App Review: Mobizen Screen Recording for Android Kitkat


Today, I decided to make a simple tutorial for desperate mothers out there who wanted to help their children in their pursuit of being a Youtube star.

A few months ago, we got our son a new tablet – Xiaomi Mipad 2. For the basic specs, I am already quite impressed for a price of 299AED(Php 4000) – memory is 64 GB with a 2 GB ram running on Quad Core 2.2.4 Ghz. This tablet is worth every penny. He is an avid gamer and likes to record his gaming sessions in his tablet using AZ Screen Recorder. However, we realized that with the new tablet which is running on Kitkat version(Android 4.4), the AZ Screen Recorder and so are the other recording apps in Google Playstore are not compatible with it. He has searched far and low for a screen recording app and was frustrated enough to finally ask me for help.

I am an average techy mom, but I can read instructions. So one day, after trying out so many apps and failed, I went to the forums for some ‘professional’ help. I should have exercised extra caution when I tried out one of the advice. But I was out of time, thinking about preparing dinner and so desperate to get it done with. One of the advice was an instruction to root the tablet and install a zip file to update the software. I must have done something wrong along the way that I ended up crashing my son’s tablet. It would no longer boot the launcher, android process and the rest of its operating system.

I thought about my son and the disappointment he will get after he will realize that to bring his tablet back to life, his 60+ apps needs to go. I was a bit surprised with his reaction, ‘That’s OK Mom. I love you more than my tablet’. Such a good kid.

So the ultimate rule when things go bad when you tweak your android device, you need to restore it to factory settings. I have done this so many times, so this time I know what I am doing. So you need to do it using the Volume + & – buttons and the power button. This will vary from device to device. But for our Mipad 2, simultaneously hold down the Volume + button with the power button and wait for the Mi logo and the recovery options to appear. Here’s a video below for the complete tutorial.


After I have restored the tablet to its fresh version, I headed back to playstore and downloaded the Mobizen Screen Recorder.  You need to connect your Android phone or tablet on a PC  and the on-screen instructions will guide you along the way. First, you need to go to the Mobizen website and download the Screen Recorder Booster file so that you can run it on Adroid 4.4(Kitkat). Once you are successful with downloading the file, you can now proceed with the installation. Then, voila! Problem solved! Sharing below is a  short video tutorial on how to use the app.


This is a valuable learning experience. As a parent, I realized that I could not put limits on myself when it comes to helping our kids. As a mom, I realized I have raised a well-mannered eight year old who is quite adept at handling frustrations and disappointments. It has eaten at least three hours to sort out this predicament. But all in all, it was all worth it.


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