Product Review: Lenovo VIBE Shot Z90A40 32GB. Best phone priced under AED 1,000

I have always been a very satisfied Nokia Lumia 920 user. I have been using my Lumia for 4 years before I decided to switch to a new phone. My judgment basically revolves around how good the phone is in taking pictures. I LOVE taking pictures. I like to document as much as possible the memories I have with my family. I have to honestly say that Lumia is very good and crisp in taking pictures. In taking them with low light, it could actually put those overpriced and high-end phones to shame. If you are interested to know if I had a hard-time using a Windows phone OS, the answer is NO. I really like WP and Onedrive. We have also Xbox 360 at home so it just works perfectly with everything we have. 

I was considering in getting the Lumia 950 XL and Blackberry Priv. Lumia because I just want to continue my fanaticism with WP and Blackberry because I was once an avid BB Rim user years back.  If you have noticed by now, I am not a great fan of the Samsung and Apple phone products. I have never considered them as either of my alternatives because I am the kind of person who would like to go against the flow. 


 And so the moment came when I really had to buy a phone but  I got short of cash. So I had to look for a cheaper alternative below 1000 AED but I  would not settle for anything that would turn out to be a disappointment later. That’s when I bumped into this Youtube review about the Lenovo Vibe Shot. 

This is pretty sleek with a 3 gig RAM and 32 G internal memory. This is already dual sim and running in Android Lollipop when I got it. I recently updated it to Android Marshmallow a few days ago. Just like my Lumia, the battery is non-detachable and pretty fast when playing high res games. If there is one thing I am greatly impressed with this unit,  it has to be the camera features. The main camera is 16 MP  and 8 MP front camera – this has got to be the ultimate selfie phone. At a price of AED 1,200 at that time, I was totally happy when I got it. 

Then I just saw this offer in Souq that they have lowered it down to AED 629, so if you are looking for a phone under AED 1,000, this is the perfect phone for you. No need to thank me later, you will not regret it. I have used it for over a year already and you can visit my Instagram account because most of the pics and videos I have posted there were taken from my Lenovo Vibeshot. I even do all of my image, video and audio editing using my Vibeshot. You be the judge!

See you in my next review!





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